Lets talk about posing real quick! There are hundreds of posing tutorial videos online for Gunpla but we all see pictures on Instagram of poorly posed kits. They look something like this…..


All it takes is about 5 minutes of properly posing your kit in a basic idle standing pose. It can really change the feel of your build and add character to your pictures. The best way to do this is to lower the head down. Move the shoulders up and make sure they are even. You almost want a “V” shape from the shoulders to the middle of the waist. Take the arms and bend them at the elbow, almost like the suit is ready to move in a seconds notice. Take the legs and twitch them outwards just a little bit. Make sure you get the feet to line up with the legs. Some kits have very good articulation in the ankle joints that might make a normal stance look weird if you forget to pose it correctly. The last part would be would be taking the photos! Get a nice background and some creative lighting and you get something like this:


We hope that this quick tip will help some of you start posting your builds online! Use the images in this post as references when you pose your next kit. Don’t forget to join our community Facebook group page!