From: TrueGunpla

Hangar 18 Gunpla Community:

If you have never been to one of our stores on a Sunday afternoon then you might not know about our Gunpla community. Our local community started from a couple of our customers getting together and wanting to have a day for Gunpla fans to meet. It started off once a month, then twice a month and now the group has meetings every week!

If you are nervous about attending one of our meets don’t be! We have experienced builders to help with newer builders. We love seeing our community grow and watching our members learn new skills. One of the benefits of being a member of our community is that we offer free workshops on the hobby. The first one we did was about basic techniques. At these workshops, we have on hand demos for everyone to practice the methods being taught. If you want to know when the next one is make sure to check out the event page on the Hangar 18 facebook and Hangar 18 Gunpla Community Facebook group page!


So if you are just getting into the hobby or been in the hobby for years make sure you come out to our community events. We offer 10% off all Gunpla related products for community members. We are currently meeting every Sunday from 12PM to 4:45PM EST. Make sure come early to get your seat!