Scale modeling is one of the most popular hobbies that we see at Hangar 18 Hobbies. But, many of the individuals who start scale modeling ask us how to get started. They want to know what they will need.Scale Modeling

Since this is a question we answer for our customers regularly, we want to make sure the answer is available for you as well!

5 tools that you need to get started in scale modeling is:

  1. Abrasives or Sand Paper: The plastics in the model kits need to be reshaped or have the rough edges taken off. Many individuals buy sandpaper to take care of this. However, the hardware store may have too fine of sandpaper for scale model kits. The best bet is to purchase from a hobby store.
  2. Sprue Cutters: Sprue cutters break apart the plastic pieces upon beginning the project.
  3. Hobby Knife: Hobby knives are very similar to X-Acto knives. They are very sharp and can be extremely dangerous. But, they are necessary for breaking apart the plastic and removing unwanted elements. When enjoying scale modeling as a hobby with kids, always ensure there is adult supervision.
  4. Tweezers: One of the most frustrating aspects of the scale modeling hobby is placing small stickers. Having a good pair of hobby tweezers will make the experience much more enjoyable!
  5. Micro Files or Mouldline Removers: For individuals who are focused on pristine perfection in their models, removing the mouldlines is crucial. Purchasing a good mouldline remover will help finish the project.

There are more items that are extremely helpful when creating model kits. A few of those products are magnifying glasses and clamps. To shop our model kits, click here now. Or instead, if you have questions about what to start with, contact us now!