Hobby products can be so exciting, and shoppers regularly become enthralled with products quickly.  The problem with being enthralled with a product so quickly is the bad decision that can ensue. This is the time of year that mall kiosks pop-up selling drones, quadcopters, RC cars and more. But most of those mall kiosks will come down after the holiday and leave shoppers with nowhere to return products.

At Hangar 18 Hobbies, we want to make sure that all customers – whether they purchase from us or not – are making the best purchase decision available. So, we teach individuals to watch out for the following red flags when shopping for a hobby product.eflu3080_b0

4 red flags to look for when shopping for hobby products at any store:

  1. Toy-Grade Versus RC Grade: Many products sold in large box stores and at kiosks are toy grade. Toy grade means that they are not built to withstand learning to use them, have little if any parts support and typically do not perform to the standard of better RC grade items. RC grade means that the products are more durable and can have parts replaced if something happens, and always perform better.
  2. Answers Questions: Make sure whoever is selling the RC car or drone can answer questions about their products and how they are created. A big question to ask is what happens if it breaks and can I get parts easily. Also ask if there are upgrades available such as additional batteries, higher capacity batteries, faster motors, and stronger replacement parts.  
  3. Part Support: Some hobby shops sell products that can’t be fixed if broken. Make sure whatever is purchased can have new parts swapped in. Having upgraded parts available for the product is also important for parts that break too easily.
  4. Returnable: Before making the purchase, ask if it can be returned. When the answer is no, that is a big problem. If the answer is only until December 25th, that is also a big problem.

If you don’t want to worry about any of these red flags, shop online at Hangar 18 Hobbies or come into our store in Cary. No matter if you call or come in, we always have experienced team members here to answer all questions.