Gundam models and Gunpla kits are growing in popularity in the hobby world. Many local groups are starting to form and join model builder so everyone can share their models with other local hobbyists. But, not all communities have developed a Gunpla group yet.gunpla1

At Hangar 18 Hobbies, we have a Gunpla group that meets, builds, and swaps products. If you aren’t in the Raleigh area, take a few tips on how to find a Gunpla group near you!

3 ways to find a Gundam model and Gunpla Kit group nearby are:

  1. Check Facebook: Many groups publicize and communicate via Facebook. So, check Facebook first to see if there are any Gunpla groups near your home.
  2. The Gunpla Builders Association: The Gunpla Builders Association is a great place to learn more about Gunpla across the US as well as find nearby events.
  3. Hobby Stores: If a hobby store sells Gunpla kits or Gundam models, there is a good chance they host events in their store. If they don’t and you are in an area with very few Gunpla modelers, work with the hobby shop owner to set up a meetup.

Individuals who live in a more rural area of the US don’t normally have a local Gunpla group or a hobby shop that sell Gunpla kits. If you need help getting a Gunpla group started or finding one near you, contact us at Hangar 18 Hobbies and we will help you find a group.

Also, if you need Gunpla kits, we have plenty at Hangar 18 Hobbies! Our kits sell quickly, so fill out our Gunpla kit request form now and we will get back in contact with you about whether we have it in stock or will need to order it to have shipped to you!